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As I’ve grown older I realized the importance and value of heritage and people are always asking with my name what nationality I Am. I was born in India came here when I was one years old. My full first name is Navdeep which obviously I go by Nav but the meaning of my name Navdeep is NEW and LIGHT.

I grew up in Chicago when I was younger and have lived here in the St. Louis area for over 25 years. St. Louis is home and I love the changes of seasons and the unpredictable weather changes. Although I will admit the weather in San Diego is something to be desired.

However with bigger cities comes traffic and me sitting in traffic for an hour to and from work won’t happen. Living in St. Louis I’m about 15-20 minutes of most places I need to go. I’ve been fortunate enough to always live fairly close to work with a commute of about 10 minutes.

I recently got married in November of 2011 first marriage for both of us and hopefully soon you’ll hear about some babies. I’ve finally married an Indian Princess and honestly she’s helped create more of a purpose in my life.

I do have two dogs Maximus and Hercules who are my confidants and can hold a secret better than anyone. They are small dogs Pomeranians I’m not really a big dog type of person and these guys don’t shed which is awesome.

My parents currently live in Alaska and if you’ve never been I will tell you that that’s one place you need to go visit during the summertime. It’s absolutely incredible!! I’ve got some really neat videos that I took from as close as 10 feet away of Kodiak Bears eating salmon straight out of the river. You can go to the local links tab on your hand once you go back to the home page and click on Alaska Kodiak Bears Video to see them directly.

I’ve got a younger brother who I often jokingly say he’s my older brother and only because of the fact that he got married before me and I have also recently become a proud new uncle.

I avidly follow the St. Louis Cardinals and miss Kurt Warner playing for the Rams.  I believe that you can learn a lot in watching professional sports that can relate to and help teach everyday life lessons. Watching baseball and sports in general is a great break from everyday life where you can try to enjoy the game while hopefully your team is winning.

I’m also one that has to listen to music all the time no matter what I’m doing and often times you’ll hear in the background when you talk to me at work movie scores. If it’s too loud let me know. I’m a huge fan of movie scores and on XM satellite radio they’ve got a channel that plays movie scores called Cinemagic. I also will admit I do have a wide array of music that I listen to and for the most part if it’s older than me whether it be music or cars for that matter I’m not into it. I call that stuff “Pre-Nav”

I am very sincere in my efforts no matter what it is and evidence of that can be seen when speaking with me on the phone or meeting in person.  Being sincere is something you can’t really fake and get away with. I believe in Karma what goes around comes around.

If you are into horoscopes – I’m an Aries which have the following traits  boss everyone around, natural born leaders and firey.

Here are a few what I like to call Mantras or beliefs of mine.

“Nobody In Life Gets Exactly What They Thought They Were Going To Get.  But If You Work Really Hard And Are Kind Amazing Things Will Happen!”

“When you aim for perfection you’re always going to be disappointed because you’re never going to be perfect.”

“Good People Are Usually Misunderstood.”

“The Harder I Work the Luckier I Get.”

In my career I only succeed if I help others improve their financial position in their lives. I’ve been in the residential mortgage industry for over 16 years.

As far as residential lending goes I can to everything from A to Z and a vast amount of experience in the field but really the proof is in the pudding and one would just need to talk to me to realize that.

I’ve pretty much specialized in working with people who have A credit. My primary focus has been on helping people, families become debt free within as little as seven to ten years without having to use any sort of consumer credit counseling, debt negotiation or bankruptcy. Nothing I ever do will hurt or harm your credit. Which means I’ll show you a very simple, very realistic way and easy to understand plan to get out of debt so that you can retire someday on your own terms and finally see light at the end of the tunnel.

With the past couple of years and the turmoil with our economy I’m seeing things that I’ve never seen before and seeing thing that have never happened before and I’m on the front lines so to speak. If my job is difficult and harder for me to help the people that need help I know the economy isn’t getting any better. I’ll talk more about this in a video blog which you won’t want to miss and if you go to the right hand side of my page and look for categories and click on videos.

So I’ve decided to expand my focus and help people in many other areas outside of what I’ve focused on. My goal with my web site and videos which I promise you’ll see some funny, informative, ways to save money, and easy to understand plain English so to speak that you’ll be able to relate to it. You’ll also see that I’m a fan of comics, funny comics that is. So anytime you’re in the mood to laugh I can promise I’ll have a comic on the left hand side that will put a smile on your face.

Also you’ll see along the sides of my web site there are a lot of great links on things that are too many to list here so take a few minutes and look over them.  Hopefully you’ve gained some insight about me and don’t hesitate to contact me with me questions and comments.

You can email me at or call me directly at 314 275-0418 or 1 800 894-2511.